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5411 Warrensville Center, Maple Heights OH

(216) 663-3770

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The Gist : excellent, comfortable

  • My 2nd visit to this bar, my friend held her birthday party there on 6/8/2013. The bar service was the worst I have ever had. After waiting almost 30 min for a drink, with 2 bartenders and 1cash register in a huge facility. I finally orderd my drinks and used my credit card and received a slip of paper with my entire credit card # and experation date and CID that was " hand written" to sign. I let the bartender know I wasn't comfortable having my personal information floating around behind a bar, and with an attitude she told me to give her my card and to come back later so she could get me a receipt. After about 30 mins I came back and was still giving a slip of paper that was hand written to sign. no apologies for the wait or the tacky service and hand written receipts with my credit card info written out on a sheet of paper. To make a long story short. My friends and myself will never return to your establishment again. Your staff is very unprofessional.

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    1. This restaurant is rated no. 1 providing excellent food and entertainment.

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